Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never seen a therapist before. What should I expect?

We will spend the first two to three sessions getting to know one another. I will complete a thorough assessment of the symptoms and life issues you would like to address in treatment. At the end of these initial sessions, we will decide together upon a course of treatment in order to meet your needs.

How long do you think I will be in therapy?

The duration of therapy varies on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes clients benefit from a shorter duration of therapy (e.g., 12 sessions) while other clients who are struggling with a particularly challenging problem may benefit from longer-term treatment. We would discuss what time-frame may work best for you after our initial sessions.

I’ve tried therapy before and it didn’t help. Why should I try it with you?

It can be very frustrating to be in therapy and not see the results you had hoped for. Sometimes there may not be a “click” between you and your therapist; other times you may find that the therapeutic approach is not best suited to your needs. I work carefully with each of my clients to establish a safe, nonjudgmental environment in which we can collaboratively work together to create a treatment plan that is symptom-focused, improves functioning, and utilizes research-supported psychotherapy interventions that have been proven to be effective.

Do you prescribe medications?

No, I do not prescribe medications. However, if it appears that you would benefit from psychiatric medication I can provide you with a referral to a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Do you recommend that I see a psychiatrist if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

If it appears that medication may be helpful for you, I can refer you to a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner who has expertise in maternal mental health. The practitioners are aware of which medications may be most appropriate for your health and the health of your baby.

What is your fee?

We will discuss my fee upon our first contact over the phone.

How do I make an appointment to meet with you?

You can contact me here or call me at 212-653-0075.